1st Mindanao Food Appreciation Tour and SOCCSKSARGEN Summer Safari

I’m so excited to join 1st Mindanao Food Appreciation Tour and SOCCSKSARGEN Summer Safari – May 29-30, 2010 with other bloggers from Cagayan de Oro, Davao and SoCCSKSarGen. This event will be hosted by SoCCSKSarGen Bloggers. Bloggers from all over Mindanao are invited to appreciate foods and then enjoy the scenery places of SoCCSKSarGen. Since this tour has long list of food to offered to eat, for the meantime i will stop my diet this weekend so i can appreciate the different recipes and snacks. For sure, i will gain few pounds this weekend. After the tour, I promise to myself to exercise to burn the extra calories stored from all the food i feasted . hahaha!

1st Mindanao Food Appreciation Tour and SOCCSKSARGEN Summer Safari

The Official Hotel of the event is the newest hotel in Gensan, Ice Castle Experience that will house us guests for free for two days. w00t!  The event will start with a bang with Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao will serve aperitif  drinks at the Pacman Sports Bar then a welcome dinner sponsored by Le Jardin Arnevel at their poolside. After dinner, the event is not yet finish, theres still a Piyesta KTV Bar & Resto for drinks and singing party? then finish the night with a cup full of caffeine at Coffee Club 101 thus will end the 1st day of tour.

The 2nd day of tour (Sunday) will start a breakfast at Dolores Garden Resort then off to Lake Sebu for an adrenaline rush zipline adventure at Punta Isla, which will also host our Tilapia Tanghali Fiesta. Next tour will be at Merl Garden Spring Resort which will have merienda cena for a treat. Back to General Santos, a final dinner at Red Tent Steak House will our host.  Another coffee night for the last day of the tour will be at Cafe Amoree.

Our transportation has been provided by the Honorable Mayor Jun Acharon for the 2day Summer Safari.  Rollee’s Bakeshop sponsored breads and pastries for the duration of the summer safari and bottled water are from Pacman Water.

I wonder how many pounds i will gain from this tour, currently i’m around at 168lbs. Will check my weight after the tour if i did gain a significant pounds. I just wish its not all pork menu so i can enjoy and appreciate the food in the tour.

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